At TOMA, we have a deep understanding of the human body and the benefits of holistic wellness. Our founders, Tori and Marla are professionally trained acupuncturists and spa owners that have spent years treating thousands of clients via their holistic approach to healing. They’ve seen first hand how different ingredients interact with the skin, what products we really need, and how to best maintain our health. 

       Our founders' expertise, combined with our team of global skincare experts, enable TOMA to bring you a line of spa-level products and services. Transparent, transformative wellness for your skin, right at your fingertips



      In the personal skincare market, what Tori and Marla realized was that the choice of products was overwhelming and complicated. Worse, there were self-proclaimed “clean” brands that were using toxic ingredients and hormone disrupting preservatives in their formulas. TOMA is solving the industry frustrations that exist today: to educate on the human body and the ingredients that are best for us, to produce easy-to-use, honestly clean, efficacious products, and to provide transparency into the brand to ensure trust and confidence. 


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