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      You may be surprised to hear that we firmly believe that supplements should never replace a proper whole food plant based diet! In fact, we only offer formulations that you either can't get from food alone (such as Vitamin D ) or that that are next to impossible to get in sufficient quantities to be therapeutic (for e.g. you would have to eat a cup of fresh lemon balm leaves to get the effect of our Sleep product).

      We celebrate our individuality and because diet, health and nutritional requirements vary, we offer uniquely crafted formulations for different needs.            

      Finally, we believe that sustainable health and sustainable practices go hand in hand. Because our products are crafted entirely from clean, organic plant-based ingredients, it only seems  right that we protect the earth in every way we can. All our packaging is made from recycled paper and is printed with water-based inks. Everything is recyclable including the bottles and caps. And incidentally, the bottles are of course BPA free.

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      1 product



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