Skin health can be determined by two main factors, the state of its microbiome and the nature of what is being absorbed subcutaneously.  

      First, our skin is home to millions of bacteria, fungi and viruses that compose the skin's microbiota, known as our microbiome. The balance of these microorganisms plays a key role in proper barrier function, anti-inflammatory actions, defense against external factors, and tissue repair. When this biodiversity is disrupted, it can lead to many common allergies and inflammatory disease.

      Second, our skin is the second largest organ in our body, just after our fascia. It acts as our ‘exterior liver’ meaning that everything it comes into contact with can be absorbed into our bloodstream altering its biochemical state. What we put on our skin is therefore directly correlated to the toxic load on our body affecting our endocrine, neurological, immune, and reproductive systems' function and balance.

      So, the bottom line is that our skin’s health is vital to the overall state of our health and wellness.

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