01 Tropic Dew: Hydration 

Hydration Routine
Hydration Routine
Hydration Routine
Hydration Routine
Hydration Routine
Hydration Routine

Hydration Routine


Fachie's Hydration Routine is formulated with an ultra-nourishing complex of ingredients to bring the hydrating benefits of tropical fruits and plants to your skin. Increase your skins firmness and increase new cell production with our gentle and natural routine that brings out your natural dewy glow.

Our tropic dew routine is packed with antioxidants, natural skin moisturizers like avocado, coconut, and mango, skin brighteners like papaya and grapefruit, and skin soothers like aloe and cucumber that all support increasing and retaining your skins moisture levels. 


Hyaluronic, Avocado, Coconut,
Aloe, Hibiscus

They naturally attract and retain moisture, hydrating and plumping your skin, increasing firmness, and stimulating new cell growth.


Grapefruit, Noni- Fruit, Mango,
Pineapple, Papaya, Acai

Our mild plant-based exfoliators lift away dead and dull skin. They even out skin tone, brighten, and leaves your skin glowing and fresh.


Cucumber, Aloe, Vitamin E,

They skin soothing properties which calm even stressed or irritated skin. They naturally tone and are packed with antioxidants, which helps leave your skin radiant.

5 step hydration ritual

included in tropic dew collection:

Step 01 - Cleansing

Papaya Cleaning Gel

Step 02 - Exfoliate

Matcha Clay Mask

Step 03 - Tone

Cucumber Toning Mist

Step 04 - Hydrate

Botanical Hyaluronic Serum

Step 05 - Moisturize

Avocado Moisturizer

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