Body oil vs body lotion
which works better? 

The question of body oil vs. lotion is one I seem to get all the time, but the truth is there isn't really a good answer because it really comes down to what's in it and what your prefer. Below I break them both down to help you decide. 

Body Lotions:

Keeps skin soft and supple, absorbs quickly and has long-term moisturizing effects but store-bought lotions are water-based. This makes them lighter in their consistency, but also typically use more preservatives, added fillers, and artificial fragrances.

Use lotions when: your skin is dry because your body will pull out the moisturizing nutrients from the lotion.

If you’re a lotion lover and want to go natural, try our "Matcha + Green Tea Botanical Body Butter". It is a non-greasy but deeply hydrating body butter with shea with cold-pressed Japanese Tsubaki oil, rose essential oil, and arrowroot.

You may also want to try this pair of creams from Miami Beach Bum. Our results-driven Bum + Body Cream is a daily moisturizer & go-to spot treatment for healthy skin.

Body oils:

Are extremely hydrating, even out skin tone, give you an undeniable glow, and are more natural because they don’t need preservatives. Oils typically are naturally fragranced and mimic the natural lipids in our skin. This means that when oils are applied, our body treats it like our own skin, allowing the oil to aid in repairing and regulating our moisture barrier.

Use oils when: your straight out of the shower and your body is still wet or in dry / winter climate.

If you want a luxurious blend of oils with natural aromas: try our "Aum Lavender oil" or "Essential Rose Body Oil".

If you want a pure, nothing added formula, our "Conscious Coconut Oil" is the best.

Truth is that it pretty much comes down to personal preference but the main difference is whether you go for natural vs. store-bought with your skin hydration needs.

What do you currently use?

Do you like body lotions or body oils? 🤍